The Accipiter Safety Mag (ASM) Training System

The Accipiter Safety Mag (ASM) in use

The Accipiter Safety Mag (ASM) is designed to add safety and realism to your tactical/CQB training.  The magazine body is constructed of the same durable glass-filled nylon resin blends as current production rifle magazines on the market today.  The magazine features a breach block that holds the bolt carrier group safely to the rear.  The breach block has a recess at the front allowing for the use of a chamber flag.  When used together, the chamber flag and Accipiter Safety Mag provide a redundant safety system which ensures that no live ammunition is loaded in the weapon.  Moreover, a range safety officer can tell at a glance that the weapon is clear and may safely enter the training environment.

Another key feature of the Accipiter Safety Mag (ASM) is that the magazine correctly simulates both the weight and shape of a loaded magazine.  At 16 ounces, the ASM weighs the same as a loaded AR/STANAG magazine.*  This is important because our professional advisors had cited improper weighting and a difference in the dimensions of an unloaded weapon as a problematic factor between training and real world deployment.  An arrangement of gear and pouches on a plate carrier/raid vest that worked well in training suddenly resulted in snags and awkward handling when a magazine was inserted into the weapon.  Similarly, our instructors reported students assuming incorrect “training postures” while using an unloaded weapon.  When a 30-round magazine is in the magazine well, it projects below the grip and becomes the “lowest point” of the weapon.  A student who routinely gets into the prone position with an empty mag well is often quite shocked at how much higher they must hold their body to accommodate the magazine.


*Our testers weighed several common metal and polymer magazines with 30 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition of various grain weights and case construction and established a range of “loaded weights.”  16 ounces was the approximate average of these measurements and it is a nice round number.  We liked it and ran with it.

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